Vol 3, No 2 (2017)

Science Out of Feminist Theory Part 2: Remaking Science(s)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.28968/cftt.v3i2

Table of Contents

Science out of Feminist Theory

Introduction: Remaking Science(s)  PDF HTML
Banu Subramaniam, Angela Willey
The watershed body: Transgressing frontiers in riverine sciences, planning stochastic multispecies worlds PDF HTML
Cleo Assan Woelfle-Erskine
Reading Blood Work is an Art Form: Toward an Embodied Feminist Practice of Veterinary Science and Care PDF HTML
Christian Gundermann
Thinking Fragments: Adisciplinary reflections on Feminism and Environmental Justice PDF HTML
Kiran Asher
Data Rituals in Intimate Infrastructures: Crip Time and the Disabled Cyborg Body as an Epistemic Site of Feminist Science PDF HTML
Laura Forlano
Articulating Black Feminist Health Science Studies PDF HTML
Moya Bailey, Whitney Peoples
Between the Sciences Psychosomatic Medicine as a Feminist Discipline PDF HTML
Michelle Jamieson
The Art of Failure in Robotics: Queering the (Un)Making of Success and Failure in the Companion Robot Laboratory PDF HTML
Pat Treusch
Feminist Imaginations in a Heated Climate: Parody, Idiocy, and Climatological Possibilities PDF HTML
Claire Brault

Critical Commentary

Ungrid-able Ecologies: Decolonizing the Ecological Sensorium in a 10,000 year-old NaturalCultural Happening PDF HTML
Natasha Myers

Lab Meeting

Considering Killability: Experiments in Unsettling Life and Death PDF HTML
Astrid Schrader, Elizabeth R. Johnson, Henry Buller, Deborah Robinson, Simon Rundle, Dorion Sagan, Susanne Schmitt, John Spicer

Critical Perspectives

Equity in Author Order: A Feminist Laboratory’s Approach PDF HTML
Max Liboiron, Justine Ammendolia, Katharine Winsor, Alex Zahara, Hillary Bradshaw, Jessica Melvin, Charles Mather, Natalya Dawe, Emily Wells, France Liboiron, Bojan Fürst, Coco Coyle, Jacquelyn Saturno, Melissa Novacefski, Sam Westscott, Grandmother Liboiron

News in Focus

A Knotty Problem: Arts Based Action Research in and out of a Community Garden PDF HTML

Image & Text Works

Handholds (and other kill floor mnemonics) PDF HTML
Kara Wentworth